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Georgia Law Review

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Professor Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., has made significant contributions to the field of lawyer's ethics. His Sibley Lecture, Arguing the Law: The Advocate's Duty and Opportunity, however, falls short of Professor Hazard's own best work, the quality of other Sibley Lectures, and even the standard of advocacy that he postulates in his lecture. Professor Hazard makes three principal points. First, there is "strong reason to believe that the state of present advocacy is pretty bad, and that it has not been a lot better in the past." Second, the advocate has, and should have, a professional obligation, enforced by disciplinary rules and penalties, to cite authorities that have been overlooked by opposing counsel and that are harmful to one's own client. Third, it is always tactically advantageous to concede the weaknesses of one's own case;" thus, "the chances of victory can be improved by frank dealing with the law, adverse as well as favorable."