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The serials review we have undertaken has been a somewhat more onerous task, involving the title-by-title review of over 550 different serial publications in our collection. It is really this individual review that has been the most labor intensive, and it is my sincerest hope that some portion of what I share about our experiences will be useful to you in your own review of your serial collections. I should begin by noting that our review was shaped in part by a public access Westlaw agreement we entered into with West a few years earlier to provide access to a select slice of Westlaw to all of our library users, separate and apart from the academic password access enjoyed by our faculty and students. The public access agreement, like many of West’s library maintenance agreements, ties significantly reduced prices on select print titles to our continued purchase of the public access Westlaw subscription. Under the agreement, cancellation of any of the “Westpacked” print titles would result in the loss of the discounts we receive on a number of other print West serial titles. Thus, we began our review by deciding to postpone individual review of the print serial titles currently covered by the agreement.



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