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Touro Law Review

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Fall 1989


Leon Friedman: Pete Rose dominated the legal scene in 1989, so I think I'll point out some batting averages. Over the past few years, the Supreme Court has run between ten and twenty section 1983 cases each Term. Last Term there were over twenty section 1983 cases. If you break it up in terms of whether the government or the individual won, they are both batting about .500. It is a little complicated because the question arises of what to do with cases involving lawyers. Is that the individual winning or the lawyer? The lawyers went four-for-four last Term. They won all of their cases, including the counsel fee cases and, most important, the case on the question of whether a federal judge can order you to take a case under section 1915 of the Judiciary Code.


The article is provides a transcript of the panel discussion at the Symposium: The Fourth Amendment Symposium: The Supreme Court and Local Government Law: The 1988-1989 Term.