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New York Law School Law Review

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Now why are innocent people convicted? How does it happen? If we have a better understanding of why it happens, we may find a better way to deal with the problem. One reason why it happens is that people make decisions too quickly. What do I mean? The more serious the crime, the more pressure there is to solve it. Because there is tremendous pressure on police officials to solve notorious crimes, the investigation process suffers and innocent persons may be convicted.


The article focuses on the rate of false conviction of innocent people in the U.S. and highlights the steps to be taken to prevent such convictions. It informs that according to the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 10,639,369 serious index crimes were committed in year 2009 of which 1,318,398 were violent crimes and 9,320,971 were property crimes. It also informs that all police-suspect interrogations should be videotaped to record improper police interrogations.