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Former Employees of Merrill Corp. v. United States, Ct. Int’l Trade, No. 3-00662, (Slip Op. 07-46), 3/28/07.

Despite five administrative filings and three remand results denying Plaintiffs, the Former Employees of the Merrill Corporation, certification for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) under the Trade Act, the Department of Labor has still not managed to support its findings with substantial evidence.

Merrill produces SEC documents and other legal, business and financial documents. The plaintiff-claimants are U.S. workers who were part of Merrill’s Financial Document Services group. They used to typeset, edit and format the documents after receiving faxed, electronic or hard-copy versions of the requisite information from businesses and law firms. In 2003 plaintiffs lost their jobs when Merrill shifted their work to its facility in India.



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