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Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Cases and Insights

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Over the past 5 years, directors of law libraries have been retiring at a rapid rate and this pace is only increasing. As a result, many new law library directors may have relatively little exposure to a director’s responsibilities before assuming the role. Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Cases and Insights is a valuable guide and learning tool for any prospective or new law library director looking to learn the ins and outs of the position. Each chapter starts with a case study to provide a realistic context in which to examine the subject, followed by analysis and commentary by experienced directors.

This case study focuses on the academic law library director’s role as a manager of union employees at the support staff level. It explores the ways in which union rules and the collective bargaining agreement control the contours of almost every aspect of the union employees’ work life, while explaining some ways in which directors may exercise discretion or use the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to benefit and protect union workers. The case study emphasizes the importance of clear communication, creative thinking, and a detailed record supporting and reflecting managerial decisionmaking.


Case Study copyright held by Michelle M. Wu. Chapter copyright held by W.S. Hein.

This chapter is from Academic law library director perspectives : case studies and insights edited by Michelle M. Wu.



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