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The public must be made aware of the practicalities of law enforcement. They must be made to understand that law enforcement officers cannot offer the required protection demanded of them from within the straight-jacket placed upon them by present day court ... restrictions.

Those engaged in this campaign to make the public aware can be thought of as law enforcement activists. The activists are an amorphous group. They have drawn support from presidents, presidential candidates United States senators judges, and most vociferously from police chiefs and prosecuting attorneys.

Crime has always been news. The activists, however, increased the amount and prominence of crime coverage. Each activist speech or statement became a crime story. The controversy itself was news. The activists have kept crime and judicial decisions thereon in our newspapers and on our televisions throughout the past decade.

Scholars have given credence to this barrage of criticism by writing of judicial rulings as if they really did create obstacles in the path of police efficiency, beyond those of the Constitution.



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