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Georgetown Journal on Fighting Poverty

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This article explores different philosophies and programs aimed at providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It examines both the advantages and limitations of these programs. First, it examines Supported Employment programs. Next, it details a private corporate effort to provide for employment training opportunities high school students with disabilities. Lastly, the article describes innovative private transitional work efforts.

As the article illustrates, there are a wide array of innovative programs. Despite these programs, however, the number of people with disabilities who are unemployed remains high. Two out of three Americans with disabilities are not working; yet, two out of three want to work. Of the 13.4 million Americans with a work disability, only 31.6 percent are in the labor force. The median annual income for individuals with a work disability in 1987 was 6,319 dollars compared with 14,354 dollars for people without a work disability." Each of the programs in this article attempts to change these statistics to provide greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities.



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