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Journal of Legal Education

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In his response to my article, Dan Subotnik makes five claims:

1. Discrimination can never be inferred from statistics.

2. "The story of women in legal education may well be the greatest story of group professional success ever told."

3. Women sabotage themselves in academic employment because they have children and quit teaching to follow husbands when their husbands switch jobs.

4. Women naturally predominate in off-tenure-track legal writing jobs because legal writing teachers "work[] substantially fewer hours... than tenure-track teachers."

5. Men naturally predominate as law school deans and on law school faculties because they have testosterone and don't worry about relationship issues as much as women do.

Let's consider each of these in turn.


Comments in reply to Dan Subotnik regarding article Women In Legal Education: A Statistical Update - 50 J. Legal Educ. 313.