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Family Law Quarterly

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Spring 2002


The subject of this symposium, custody law and practice, could not be more appropriate in light of Professor Robert J. Levy's grand contributions to the field as both a scholar and a lawyer. I first met Bob Levy some thirty years ago when I attended a three-week teaching conference sponsored by the Association of American Law Students, at which Professor Levy was a faculty member. During the ensuing three decades or so, he has been a generous, kind, and nurturing mentor for me. If a law professor can have a guru, then Bob Levy is certainly mine. More importantly, his contributions to the field of matrimonial and family law are virtually incalculable. His 1976 casebook, Cases and Materials on Family Law, has influenced this field enormously, and I would venture to say that every casebook editor since that time owes Bob Levy a debt of gratitude. His many articles on a variety of topics have similarly influenced not only scholars but also decisionmakers in the field. Future family law teachers would do well to aspire to the standard that Bob Levy has set.