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New York University Journal of International Law and Politics

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By the early 1970s, the spread of heroin addiction in the United States had become an issue of national concern. Although narcotics had long played a destructive role in the inner city, the federal government's response to drug abuse did not become evident until larger numbers of servicemen began returning as addicts from the War in Southeast Asia. Not only GIs stationed in Southeast Asia, but also those assigned to Europe, especially to West Germany, and stateside were becoming more involved with drugs. ...

This Note will review the legislative mandate to terminate U.S. bilateral and multilateral aid to countries which condone drug production and trafficking. It will survey presidential non-enforcement of this statutory mandate during the Nixon Administration and explore the controversies over continuing aid to Thailand, a narcotics- producing nation. Finally, this Note will suggest the limitations of unilateral sanctions against countries which do not adequately cooperate with the U.S. to control drug traffic.



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