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It was a welcome moment in the second presidential debate, held October 16 at Hofstra University, when one of the town hall participants asked a question about pay equity. The first debate, after all, had ignored all women’s issues, despite the fact that such issues have been at the center of several national political controversies, and reveal stark ideological and practical differences between the two candidates for president. And, of course, it is no secret that women comprise well more than half the electorate and an even greater proportion of the much sought-after “swing” and “undecided” voters. ...

The interesting part of this segment of the debate began when Romney opened his mouth (and that is not a sentence I use very often). In his non-answer answer, Romney revealed that he fundamentally does not understand—or care about—issues like pay inequity that face women in the workplace. And his efforts to suggest that he does were ill-informed, irrelevant and, in some cases, downright offensive.



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