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Brief book reviews of:

BASIC CORPORATE TAXATION. By Douglas A. Kahn. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Institute of Continuing Legal Education, 1973. Pp. xxii, 513.

CREDIT UNIONS. Edited by Stephen S. Feldman. Hempstead: Hofstra University Yearbook of Business, 1974. Pp. xi, 489.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL AMERICA. Edited by George Brinkman. Lawrence, Kansas: The University of Kansas Press, 1974. Pp. x, 140.

JUSTICES AND PRESIDENTS. By Henry J. Abraham. New York: Oxford University Press, 1974. Pp. ix, 310.

THE LAW OF THE SEA OF THE ARCTIC WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO CANADA. By Donat Pharand. Ottawa: The University of Ottawa Press, 1973. Pp. xxii, 367.

IMPEACHMENT: A HANDBOOK. By Charles L. Black, Jr. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 1974. Pp. ix, 80.

PROPHETS WITH HONOR. By Alan Barth. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1974. Pp. xiv, 254, xii.

SECURITIES LAW PRACTICE. By Thomas Arthur, et al. Springfield, Illinois: Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1973. Pp. xv, 998.

UNREAL ESTATE. By Anthony Wolff. San Francisco: The Sierra Club, 1973. Pp. xiii, 290.

WOE UNTO YOU, LAWYERS. By Fred Rodell. Brooklyn: PageantPoseidon, Ltd., 1939 (republished 1972). Pp. xii, 184.

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