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Options to prevent electronic waste from landfill disposal include recycling, reuse, and disposal bans. Governments around the world are taking several approaches to the problem of electronic waste disposal. This Note examines these systems and conducts an economic analysis of each method. The evaluation from an economic perspective focuses on United States policy and state implementation of electronic waste regulations. Part II explains the realities of the problems associated with electronic waste including export of electronic waste to less developed countries. Part III discusses United States federal policy and its existing regulatory scheme pertaining to electronic waste. Part IV analyzes the California, Maine, and Washington approaches to electronic waste disposal. Part V introduces other possible plans with an emphasis on the European Union's approach to electronic waste and explains why these other strategies may be economically and environmentally preferable to the current United States federal policy. Part VI concludes, based on the results of the economic analysis, that United States emerging electronic waste regulation efforts are not adequate from an economic or environmental perspective, and that federal regulation for electronic waste disposal is necessary.


This award-winning paper tied for 3rd place in the Professor William R. Ginsberg Memorial Essay Contest writing competition, in 2007.

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