Cooperation, Complementarity and Universality — Three Key Challenges of the Rome Statute System of International Justice

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On October 17, 2011, the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University hosted its Inaugural Philip J. Shapiro Endowed International Visiting Scholar Lecture. The speaker was the Honorable Sang-Hyun Song, president and judge of the International Criminal Court, who discussed "Cooperation, Complementarity and Universality — Three Key Challenges of the Rome Statute System of International Justice." In this video segment, Judge Song discusses challenges the ICC faces as it strives to work in tandem with the international community to bring to justice perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Speaker Information

Judge Sang-Hyun Song has extensive practical and academic experience in the area of court management, civil and criminal procedures, and the law of evidence. For more than 30 years, he taught as a professor of law in his native Republic of Korea at Seoul National University Law School, beginning in 1972. He has also held visiting professorships at a number of law schools, including Harvard, New York University, Melbourne and Wellington. Judge Song started his legal career as judge-advocate in the Korean army and later as a foreign attorney in a New York law firm. He serves as a member of the advisory committee to the Korean Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice. As such, he took the initiative in the reform of the national litigation system and the criminal justice system, particularly in the reform of the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Court Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the prison system. Judge Song has vast experience in relevant areas of international law, principally in the domains of international humanitarian law and human rights law. He is co-founder of the Legal Aid Centre for Women and of the Childhood Leukaemia Foundation in Seoul and the vice president of UNICEF Korea. Judge Song is also the respected author of several publications on relevant legal issues.

Judge Song began his term as a judge of the International Criminal Court on March 11, 2003, for a term of three years and was re-elected in 2006 for a further term of nine years. He became president of the court on March 11, 2009, for a term of three years. He is assigned to the Appeals Division.

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