The Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professorship Lecture in Family Law was established in 1984 and is supported by a gift from the firm of Siben & Siben LLP, in Bay Shore, N.Y. Its purpose is to promote scholarly research, conferences and publications in the field of family law.

Each entry below includes a complete video recording of the lecture and, when possible, the full text of the published paper related to the presentation.


Events from 2017

Interdisciplinary Triage and Informed Consent: The Future of Family Law, Forrest "Woody" Mosten Esq., Andrew Schepard, Paul Meller, Jane Pearl, and Lawrence Jay Braunstein Esq.

Lectures from 2016

Black Boys Matter: Using the Life Course of Black Boys to Construct a Model of Equality for All, Nancy E. Dowd

Lectures from 2015

The Monoracial Family Norm, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Lectures from 2013

Convocation to Install Joanna L. Grossman as the Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law, Herman A. Berliner, Stuart Rabinowitz, Eric Lane, Andrew B. Siben, Lawrence M. Friedman, Barbara Babcock, John DeWitt Gregory, and Joanna Grossman


Do Tell! The Rights of Donor-Conceived Individuals, Naomi Cahn

Lectures from 2012


Bargaining for Motherhood: Postadoption Visitation Agreements, Carol Sanger

Lectures from 2011


The Emergence of Family as a Marker of Class, June Carbone

Lectures from 2010


Trusting Mothers: A Critique of the American Law Institute's Treatment of De Facto Parents, Robin Fretwell Wilson

Lectures from 2009


What the Law Should (and Should Not) Learn from Child Development Research, Emily Buss

Lectures from 2008


Parents By the Numbers, Susan Frelich Appleton

Lectures from 2007


Domestic Agreements, Brian H. Bix

Lectures from 2006


The Constitutional Rights of Non-Custodial Parents, David D. Meyer

Lectures from 2005


The Community Dimension of State Child Protection, Dorothy E. Roberts

Lectures from 2004


How Second-Wave Feminism Forgot the Single Woman, Rachel F. Moran

Lectures from 2003


"Making Marriage and Divorce Safe for Women" Revisited, Herma Hill Kay

Lectures from 2002

Someday All This Will Be Yours: Adoption, Contract and Duty in Capitalist America, Hendrik A. Hartog

Lectures from 2001


Minor Rights: The Adolescent Abortion Cases, Martin Guggenheim

Lectures from 2000


The Legal Construction of Adolescence, Elizabeth S. Scott

Lectures from 1999


Comparing Race and Sex Discrimination in Custody Cases, Katharine T. Bartlett

Lectures from 1998


Children's Rights and the Problem of Equal Respect, Lee E. Teitelbaum

Lectures from 1997


Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage, David L. Chambers

Lectures from 1993


Marriage, Divorce, and the Family: A Cautionary Tale, Judith T. Younger

Lectures from 1992


The Channelling Function in Family Law, Carl E. Schneider