Black Boys Matter: Using the Life Course of Black Boys to Construct a Model of Equality for All

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As a Siben Distinguished Lecturer, Professor Dowd was asked to write an article for the Hofstra Law Review. Her article will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Hofstra Law Review. Following its publication, you will be able to download it here.

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Nancy E. Dowd’s research focuses on social justice issues connected to family law and therefore touches on not only family law but also juvenile law, constitutional law, race and gender analysis, and social change theories. She is currently engaged in research and writing about a developmental model of equality and focusing on the life course of African American boys from birth to age 18. Two of Professor Dowd’s most recent books focus on the radical reform needed in the juvenile justice system. Justice for Kids (NYU Press 2011) brings together activists and scholars to articulate ways to keep kids out of the juvenile justice system by diversion into other more helpful and supportive resolutions. A New Juvenile Justice System (NYU Press 2015) articulates the vision of a new youth justice system focused on child wellbeing and public safety. Her other recent book is The Man Question: Male Privilege and Subordination (NYU Press 2010), in which she explores masculinities theories as a means to expand gender analysis and also incorporate other hierarchies that affect gender, particularly race and class.

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