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This is the first issue of the Hofstra Law & Policy Symposium, a faculty-edited publication of the Hofstra University School of Law. Each issue will be dedicated to a theme of interest to the legal community and will include writings by those engaged in law and other disciplines. The editorial policy concerning the subject matter and form of published articles will accommodate authors and writings from a variety of backgrounds.

This volume is concerned with state constitutions. It includes three articles about amending and revising state constitutions: one by a law professor, Professor Robert Williams; and two co-authored by political scientists, Dean Gerald Benjamin and Thomais Gais, and Professor Peter Galie and Christopher Bopst. A fourth article, by law Professor Richard Briffault, deals with state constitutional allocation of power among state and local authorities. Each author previously has written extensively about state constitutions and has been involved in amendment and revision of state constitutions.

The student note considers how state constitutional provisions can and should address housing needs. It was written by Norma Rotunno, Esq., as part of her participation in a student project supervised by the co-editors of this volume.

We acknowledge with thanks the contributions of Professors Stefan H. Krieger and Norman I. Silber, the chairs of the 1995 and 1996 advisory committees, respectively, for their enthusiastic and invaluable contributions to getting Volume One off the ground. We also thank Ms. Rotunno for her untiring editing during the time she was a student and after she was graduated. Michael Firestein is the object of our gratitude for his willingness to learn and quickly to master the printer's macros, for his initiative and for his constructive and pleasant responses to compulsive editorial demands.

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