Superior Court Minutes, 1699–1750, Superior Court Docket Box 1, Folder 1744–45, New Hampshire State Archives (Entry no. 24 for Feb. 5, 1744) - Appeals Entry


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Article 1, footnote 97

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Chapter 2, footnote 23


... when in the spring of 1744 the judges of the New Hampshire Superior Court were divided on appeal in a legally tangled case arising out of a bitter religious dispute, they adjourned so that counsel could “[s]tate the case and apply for advisement to the neighbouring lawyers on the Case.” When that consultation failed to occur, the judges considered, but apparently could not decide, whether to allow a further adjournment on the basis that there was a Superior Court session to be held at York “in June next when they might have opportunity of conversing with some of the Principal Lawyers of the neighborhood who would attend the session.

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